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Virus, malware and ransomware removal is best done by keeping up to date antivirus and anti malware software running on your computer at all times. Once malware has infected a computer, the damage has been done and even if anti virus/malware software is installed after the fact the infection might be removed but the damage is still there.

The only option in many cases is to reinstall Microsoft Windows and all device drivers for your computer followed by installation of all software applications. This can be very time consuming and thus very costly; call us before this happens and we can install anti virus and anti malware software before disaster strikes.

Computers infected with a virus or malware can also have personal data compromised and available to people with nefarious purposes in mind.

If your computer has been damaged by a virus or malware, even if Windows will not start we can recover your user files 99% of the time, please go to Data Recovery and Computer Forensic Examinations. The only exception to this is if you see something like the picture on the upper left; some ransomware (most don't) will encrypt files in ways that are impossible to decrypt.

If you suspect that your computer is infected with any kind of malware, please call 714-222-2140.